Park and outbuildings

Park and outbuildings

Let's walk in the park...

Families will enjoy strolling around the five hectares park among the 300 hundred-year-old trees. Discover an ice room, a former medieval gate, horse drawn carriages and a tack room.

About park

Take a stroll around the moats to unveil the 13th and 15th century castle facades. Follow the Nine Trees Trail to discover some of our most interesting trees, including Locust, Beech, Hornbeam, Sequoia, Liquidambar, Rowan, Walnut, Lime, Tulip trees. Experience the Three Lord’s Table where the estates of the Lords of Meillant, Montrond and Bruere met. Discover a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes atop the Mont Noir.

Musée miniature Meillant

Mini museum

Turn back the hands of time with our display of miniatures located in the cellar of the castle.

Horse-drawn carriage exhibition

Relive the evolution of transport with our collection of horse-drawn cars. Located inside the old farmyard, take a stroll through old stables and discover vehicles from another time!

Sellerie Meillant


Explore our stables located in an 18th century private mansion just behind the castle. Come appreciate the harmony and authenticity of the Lower Court and imagine the castle staff preparing the horses for the day’s work.

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