Scary tours

Scary tours

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A privileged visit in a small group

Shiver with fear on an original night tour.

At nightfall, the castle transforms into a dismal place where you will live an agonizing and terrifying experience. Accompanied by a sinister character, you will wander in the private parts, usually closed to the public, such as attics, cellars and attics. In the dim light, in the dim light of your lantern, around a dark corridor or a door ajar, what will you discover?

Night visits, ghosts, suspicious noises, slamming doors, ghosts,? The visit promises to be punctuated with surprises and unexpected appearances. What give you goosebumps …

Sensitive souls, leave it alone.

The castle will become your worst nightmare!

Warning ! The seats are limited.
The particularity of this visit requires good physical condition (many walks, and scares unsuitable for sensitive souls or young children). Visits from 12 years old.


With a reservation and a minimum of 10 visitors. From 12 years old.


Pictures are prohibited inside the castle and chapel. Visitors may take photos in the park.


The dramatized visit lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.



Single rate
15 €/person
See behind the scenes